sick child, don’t let go to school

a mother’s complaint on an Instagram account that asks sick children not to go to school. The mother’s child was forced to be hospitalized because of the flu that was contagious from her classmates.

At the turn of the season, this disease can spread quickly anywhere even in the classroom. This mother’s post asked parents to make a judgment before deciding to send a child to school when the child has a fever.

one of the girls suffered from Down’s Syndrome and the only disorder that had to be avoided was a weakened immune system. Therefore, his body cannot fight common ailments like coughing cold.

“Schools are not places where you can leave sick children. This is not just a matter of other children who are at risk of contracting, but children who have fever also need parental attention and affection.

When your child is sick, you will worry about his condition at school. But you also have to think about your friends, and don’t want your child to infect other people’s children.

Children with fever should go to the hospital because their bodies are small and may not be able to fight infection. ”

citizen’s opinion about sick children do not go to school

Many other parents agree that sick children do not go to school. But some parents are still selfish while still sending their children to school even though they know that the child’s illness can be contagious.

Other parents are desperate and forced to leave their school children even though they are sick, because of personal matters, such as working mothers or single moms.

As parents, when children are sick we should try our best to cure children. For example, taking leave from work and caring for children at home.

Pay attention to diseases that often attack children.

  • RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is a virus that causes infection of the lungs and respiratory tract. If the child is under 2 years old or has heart disease or lung disease or a weak body immune system, this virus will cause pneumonia.
  • Fifth disease or fifth disease – this disease is contagious and usually affects children aged 5-15 years. Some people refer to this disease as ‘slap disease’ because of the red spots that appear on the cheeks as if they were slapped. Be vigilant if the child has sickle cell anemia or a weakened immune system because this disease will be very dangerous for them.
  • HFMD (Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease) or Singapore flu. Caused by a virus that spreads through saliva and body fluids. Read more: Beware of Singapore Flu, Recognize Symptoms, Causes and How to Treat It
    Croup – a dry cough that sounds like a barking sound is caused by a virus and lasts for a week or less. Read the explanation about croup here.
  • Scarlatina or Scarlet fever – an infectious bacterial infection. Formerly this disease was very fatal, but now it can be overcome by giving antibiotics under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Impetigo – a skin infection that causes the formation of small, pus-filled blisters. This disease often attacks children who lack the cleanliness of their bodies.
  • Whooping cough or pertussis. This disease is quite serious when attacking a baby so it needs to be treated in a hospital to monitor the baby’s breathing.

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