Understanding Yin Yang in Chinese Life

In the lives of Chinese people, we have all heard the word yin yang. what is understanding of yin yang
The Yin Dan Yang philosophy of life influences many aspects of Chinese life. Martial arts, a type of Chinese Tai Chi, embrace the values taught by Yin and Yang.

Perhaps you are curious about the meaning of yin and yang and how to apply it in life.

Meaning of Yin Yang

Naturally, the meaning of yin yang is a balanced life. Yin and Yang are a living concept and believe that every thing has two opposite elements but it combines two elements.

Surely you have seen the yin and yang signs? The yin and yang symbol have two colors, black and white. The meaning of the yin and yang symbols, which means that each cannot stand alone without having something against it.

In the yin and yang symbols, black means dark, yin means white, and white means light yang. Yin and Yang are the same size. Plus there is Yang in Yin and vice versa. These two things symbolize balance.

In the Han Dynasty, a person named Donggongshu taught this philosophy. He classifies people into two categories: yin and yang. If Yin mentions women and children, Yang is male.


Yin, which means dark, is associated with:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Feminitas
  • Night

YANG, This means that the light symbolizes:

  • Fire
  • Heaven
  • the sun
  • Masculinity
  • daytime


How to apply yin and yang

Kinds of sports

The main meaning of the philosophy of life yin and yang is balance. Thus, exercise is a way to apply yin and yang in our lives. After you have eaten a lot, you need to exercise so as not to accumulate fat. In addition, exercise also speeds up the body’s metabolism, which improves heart function and circulation.


Our mind controls our bodies. If your mind is unhealthy, your physique will also be weakened. To control the strain on your mind, you need meditation. The meditation should not be long, only 15-30 minutes every day.

Enough rest

The quality of your sleep is very important to you. Rest is very important for our body, if you do not sleep well, you will slowly gain weight. A good sleep can increase our concentration and productivity. To get good sleep, you can exercise, lower your caffeine levels, or sleep at the same time every day.

Eat vegetables

People who diligently eat vegetables and fruits have a higher risk of chronic diseases. Vegetables and fruits also provide our body with nutrients that help maintain body balance. So do not be lazy to eat vegetables and fruits, guys!

By applying yin and yang in your life, you will feel that everything is neutral. Nothing is 100% right or wrong. It all depends on how you look and judge it.

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Filosofie Yin Yang

Some of the ancient philosophies have had the same influence as Taoism. Developed in the 4th century BC, this philosophy focuses on achieving the “Way” and finding harmony and balance in it. At the heart of this philosophy are symbols that represent it as the most recognizable aspects: yin and yang.


Symbol Yin Yang

Yin Yang is more than just a tattoo on a martial arts man, it carries a simple deep meaning as it is very deep. To understand this, let’s break the symbol down into two parts. Yin, or the dark side, refers to everything gross, negative, cold, wet and feminine. Yang, or the bright side, is associated with gentle, positive, warm, dry and masculine things.

But despite the sharp contrast in their appearance, Yin and Yang were not completely contradictory. It’s actually important that each side has something else. Here’s how to conclude that the crest of the wave becomes Yang and the trough becomes Yin.


Yin Yang in everyday life

In fact, Yin and Yang are present in everything, and for the most part they are both. The eggshell is Yang, and the egg inside is Yin. Wheat in the field is Yang, but after harvest it becomes Yin. One can turn into the other, and the best thing in life is to meet the two of them.

The concepts of Yin and Yang are at the core of Chinese medicine. Have you ever wondered, for example, why the Chinese drink so much hot water? It is about balancing the Yin and Yang bodies. You see, the balance of the two is the most important aspect. These two forces contradict each other, but complement each other.


Yin Yang in the human body.

Regardless of gender, Yin and Yang are also present in the human body, and their strength increases and decreases with the time of the day. Naturally, Yang is stronger during the day when the sun rises and is warm. Dan Yin takes over at night when his representative, Luna, comes out to play.


Influence of Yin Yang

Although Taoism is more of a philosophy than a religion, it teaches that there is a higher power in the universe, the “Way.” However, not all is good or bad, it is both yin and yang.

Like the concept of Tao Wu Wei, Yin and Yang are not opposition, but acceptance of life contrasts and the ability to see good and bad in everything.


Elements represented by Yin-Yang

The Yin part is believed to represent dark, passive and feminine characteristics; while Yang has masculine characteristics.

The table below shows the different meanings that the Yin-Yang symbol can represent:

  • YIN  – YANG
  • Earth – Sky
  • Tiger – Dragon
  • Winter – summer
  • Valley – Mountain
  • Cold – hot
  • Death – Life
  • Dark – light
  • Matter – Soul
  • Female – Male
  • Passive – Active
  • Upside – down
  • Water – Fire
  • Shadow – Sunlight
  • Perceptive – creative

Yin Yang is a philosophical symbol that describes how the universe works.

This symbol promotes balance and harmony between the various elements of the universe and asserts that the universe does not exist on its own.

I hope this article is useful