Reproductive health problems

Reproductive health problems in men, women, and adolescents are very important especially those who are still easy. If these reproductive problems are not addressed properly, problems with pregnancy will arise when couples get married and try to have a baby.

Since these reproductive problems cannot be underestimated, you should look carefully at some of the reproductive health issues below.

Reproductive health problems in men.

There are many reproductive health problems in men and almost all affect the physical and psychological sufferers. The following is a complete review of reproductive health problems in men.

Testicular disorders.

This testicular disorder can be inflammation in the testicular channel that supplies sperm when ejaculation occurs. Furthermore, this disorder can also be in the form of varicoceles, torsion, and cancer.

Sperm are not quality.

Sperm that are not qualified cause fertilization does not occur or has been done. The quality of sperm is said to decrease if the number of sperm per milliliter of semen is under 15 million cells. Furthermore irregular shape, movement or motility decreases.

Reverse ejaculation

Reverse or retrograde ejaculation is ejaculation that occurs in the body. The semen that should gush out goes inside and comes mixed with urine in the bladder.

Erectile Problems

Erectile disorders can also be incorporated into reproductive health problems in men. If men experience problems with erections, there is a possibility they cannot have sex properly and the chances of experiencing fertilization will be small.

Certain chronic diseases.

Certain chronic diseases such as diabetes can cause fertility problems in men. This disorder arises because blood sugar levels in the body are quite significant. This increase can trigger disruption in sperm and damage to blood vessels and nerves that trigger erectile disorders.

Reproductive health problems in women.

Women’s reproductive health problems are somewhat more complex because they have many internal organs. Therefore women must be aware of some of the problems below.

Problems due to sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases also cause problems in the reproductive tract. This condition arises if this dangerous disease is not cured or is known too late.

Menstrual disorders.

Menstrual disorders such as being late often, stopping for several months, until excessive bleeding also causes reproductive problems in women.

Disorders of the uterus and surrounding areas.

Disorders of the uterus can be in the form of disorders in the muscular layer such as experiencing myoma and also endometriosis. Furthermore, the ovaries can be in the form of ovarian cysts.

Disorders of the outer vagina and cavity.

Disorders of the vagina can occur in the form of bleeding during sex even though you are not menstruating. Also, wounds or infections in the vulva and cavity areas cause reproductive disorders.

Reproductive health problems in adolescents.

Sexually, maybe teenagers can have sex and have children. However, they have not been able to do it, so the reproductive problems are a little different. Here are some adolescent reproductive problems that are often experienced:

Cleanliness of the genitals, especially in adolescent women who have experienced menstruation. They must be taught how to clean the vagina properly.
Problems with masturbation and stimulating the genitals. Teenagers should be told of the side effects of excessive masturbation and rough stimulation of the genitals.

The problem of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This disease is sometimes ignored if teenagers have tried to have unprotected sex.

Not checking pubic periodically and the changes that occur are considered normal even though they can be dangerous.

How to maintain reproductive health from an early age.

Reproductive organs that are outside are not much like the penis and areas vulva in the vagina. There are more organs inside so checking the problem is rather difficult. Therefore, consider some ways to maintain reproductive health early on:

Check pubic periodically. Checking is done by feeling the outside or inside of women. If there is a lump in the scrotum or there is pain in the vagina, immediately do the examination.

Watch for signs of changes in the genitals.
Perform routine checks related to the presence or absence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Reproductive health problems and pregnancy opportunities

Men and women contribute to the chances of pregnancy that will occur after sexual activity. Pregnancy can fail if men and women experience infertility. In men, the problem of decreased sperm count and decreased motility causes the chances of pregnancy getting smaller.

Problems in women can be in the form of disorders of the uterus in the form of a myoma or endometriosis. This condition can be treated with surgery or using certain drugs. If the problem in the womb is severe, the possibility of pregnancy will be smaller. Therefore, maintaining health from an early age must be done.

Reproductive problems do not stop there, in women, there is a problem in the egg cell. If the ovary cannot produce the ovum during the fertile period, the possibility of pregnancy interruption will be great. So, a detailed examination must be done to make it easier for the doctor to deal with the problem.

Generally, if reproductive health problems related to pregnancy are related to sperm or eggs, the doctor will try to provide drugs to overcome sperm and ovarian quality problems. If the problem is more complex, new pregnancy opportunities can be obtained from surgery or fertilization outside the uterus.

Here is a little review of reproductive health problems in men, women, and adolescents. Of the various reproductive problems above, about which ones have you experienced or still have until now? Hopefully, after knowing the reviews above, you can pay more attention to health issues.