Nose Health Issues

Nose Health Issues

Health of the nose, Sometimes we often just leave it alone and rarely get special treatment or cleaning. When compared to other holes in the head, the nose has a very important role because breathing must be done every time without stopping. It is also the nose which is our stronghold from various air pollution problems and also germs. To ensure the nose remains in good condition, we can maintain nasal hygiene with a few simple tricks as follows.

If we love our nose, we must avoid the nose from various problems of air pollution. If you live in a large city where the air is heavily polluted with various pollutants from motor vehicle fumes and also from factories, it is better if you wear a mask when outside the home, especially if you use a motorized vehicle.

Although it seems trivial, it’s good we can reduce bad habits in the form of scraping hard dirt on the nose or even rubbing the nose hard. This activity might make the nose easily injured and infected so that the respiratory tract becomes disturbed.

When in the house, you can also use equipment called air humidifiers or air purifiers inside the house, especially in your bedroom area where you naturally want to have a total and healthy rest. This air purifier which is often connected to the air conditioner can make the nose and breathing apparatus work more relaxed and also more relaxed.

To ensure the nose remains in good condition, it helps you also do not smoke and also stay away from cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke can be very dangerous if inhaled even if the person concerned does not smoke. Some of the tricks above are certainly quite easy to do, right? A healthy nose makes your lungs healthier.