Some Types of Hearing Loss

the ear becomes one of the senses that is no less important because, with the help of the ear, you can hear a variety of beautiful sounds. Therefore ear health is very important for you to maintain.

Disorders of the ear will make you unable to hear sounds well in one or both ears. Of course, this will make it difficult for you to move normally.

Health problems that arise in the ear you should not underestimate, because it will result in the non-functioning of the ear which makes you deaf. Here are some types of hearing loss that you need to know:

Conductive / Conductive Hearing Loss

The first type of hearing loss is conduction deafness. In this case, you cannot hear the sound perfectly, because the transmission of sound waves that do not enter the ear effectively. As a result, the sound you hear will be slower and not too clear.

Some of the conditions that cause conduction hearing loss are the presence of fluid in the middle ear, too much ear wax, entry of foreign material into the outer ear canal, or infection in the middle ear. The treatment of hearing loss can be done through a series of physical tests, such as the use of the fork.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This hearing loss occurs in the inner ear or inner ear nerve that is directly connected to the brain. Sensorineural disorders are a type of permanent deafness, so they cannot be treated with drugs, various physical tests, or surgery.

People with hearing loss are only able to hear sounds in low volume, even though the actual volume of the sound source has been raised. Some of the things that cause deafness include head trauma, malformations in the inner ear, age, to genetic factors.

Mixed Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss is a mixture of conduction and sensorineural deafness. The first symptom is conduction deafness which then develops into sensory deafness.

Even so, the occurrence of ear disorders can occur simultaneously, for example, a person suffering from head trauma which also affects the middle and inner ear. When you do a physical test, you will find several signs that are similar to sensorineural hearing loss and conduction.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Symmetrical hearing loss is a condition when both ears experience the same degree of decreased ability to hear. Meanwhile, asymmetric deafness occurs when the degree of decreased ability to hear there is a difference between the two ears. This condition is very possible, especially if the person turns out to have experienced a fairly hard collision on one side of the ear.

Progressive and sudden hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss that is getting worse and worse, that means you have a progressive type of hearing loss. This ear disorder occurs gradually, ranging from mild to acute stages. Meanwhile, if you suddenly cannot hear, that means you are experiencing sudden deafness. This means you need to get treatment as soon as possible to find out the exact cause.

That was some type of hearing loss that you need to know. So that you do not experience it, immediately ask your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms in your ears

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