Some things that reduce sexual arousal

When making love, passion plays an important role. Without se_x drive, couples will find it difficult to enjoy sexual relations.

If it happens in the long term, it can cause psychological problems and disturbances in the household.

The study found that more than 40 percent of married couples have experienced a loss of se_x drive.

Reported by Klikdokter, here are four things that are often the cause of decreased se_x drive, and how to overcome them:

Feeling bored with your partner

Because you have known your partner for a long time and had sex in the same way over and over again, some people can feel bored. This feeling of saturation can cause one or both parties, both husband and wife, to decrease their se_x drive.

If this is experienced, communicate with your partner about how you feel and try to discuss a solution together. Some ideas can be tried to re-arouse sexual arousal, for example by having se_x in different locations, exploring the bodies of each other’s partners, or taking a vacation together for several days.

Anxiety (anxiety disorders)

The worry that occurs continuously can reduce se_x drive. Besides, in the long run, anxiety can also interfere with marital relationships and harmony in the household.

Therefore, if someone experiences anxiety disorders, you should immediately seek help. Discuss with the closest person, and consult complaints with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

However, often a person does not realize that he is experiencing anxiety disorders.


Like anxiety disorders, depression is also susceptible to causing someone to lose libido. In general, depression is characterized by symptoms of depressed mood that occurs continuously for two weeks or more.

Also, patients can not have the energy to have daily activities and do not want to do things that previously became his favorite. If you experience this, do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.

After giving birth

Some women experience loss of se_x drive after giving birth. This can happen because of many things, such as unbearable pain when having sex, feeling tired in caring for your child, or hormonal changes after giving birth.

Talk to your partner about what happened. If the cause is pain during intercourse, try starting by touching your partner without penetrating the penis into the vagina first.

If the cause is fatigue, give the mother a chance to have time to rest or do what she likes for a few hours, so that fatigue can be reduced.

In addition to the four causes above, decreased sex drive can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as hormonal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or side effects of certain drugs. It is advisable to check this condition to the doctor, and do not let it drag on.

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