Pomegranate benefit for Pregnant Ladies

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Pomegranate for Pregnant Women

When pregnant women are advised to eat foods that can benefit the growth of babies, for example pomegranate juice.

It is said that consuming pomegranate juice for pregnant women can stimulate the brain growth of an unborn baby.

According to a new study conducted by a team at the University of Washington School of Medicine, pomegranate juice limits inflammation and injury to placental tissue.

They found that thanks to the antioxidant polyphenols, this juice can help reduce the risk of cell death, placental cells, and fetal death.

Pomegranate juice also has many other benefits. This fruit juice is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, which help clear clogged arteries.

Pomegranate juice also helps reduce the possibility of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, and hypertension.

Pomegranate for children

Pomegranate is not only good for adults. Pomegranate is also beneficial for babies, lo. This fruit can be given to your child after six months of age. Many contents of vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals, which can be found in pomegranates. So, the content in this fruit can meet the nutritional needs of your child.

At the age of six months the child is susceptible to bacteria that can cause inflammation. Well, pomegranates are efficacious to reduce the risk of inflammation. The enzymes that this fruit has are able to form anti-inflammatory compounds.

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Mama must have worried that a lot of bacteria had entered her little body when she started stuffing various things in her mouth. In this case the efficacy of pomegranates for infants is to reduce the risk of developing digestive diseases. In addition, the red pomegranate is able to kill worms in the intestine.

Protecting the liver is also one of the properties of pomegranates for your baby, Mam. Antioxidants contained in it enhance protection of oxidative substances. So the function of your child’s heart can be maintained properly.

Making pomegranate into juice is the recommended way for nutritionists for babies over six months old. Well, hopefully Mama can try this fruit and feel the properties of pomegranates for babies.

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