Perfectly Beautiful Look Without Having to Be Troubled with Hair and Make-up

In this article, I was interested in adding a few tips about how to look beautiful for those who are lazy to arrange their hair or makeup themselves. Because, once in a while, we want to look beautiful and attractive but don’t want to be bothered with the make-up process and hair-styling that take a lot of time and seem complicated.

At other times, we sometimes don’t have enough time to make up and arrange our hair because we’re in a hurry. In fact, for a woman, appearing perfect in various situations is a must. Inevitably, this raises its questions, ‘Is there a way we can still look attractive and beautiful without having to be bothered with matters of make-up and hair? ‘

Of course, there are many ways that we can do to make ourselves look charming even with simple or minimalist make-up and hairdo. For more details, here are 10 ways and tips to look perfectly perfect without having to bother styling your hair and make-up.

Flex your lashes

Although it sounds simple and seems futile, curling lashes to look more supple and beautiful will make a big difference to your face. Just a minute to do it, but the effect is that the lashes will make you look fresh and vibrant because your eyes will look more radiant, even if you are not excited.

  • For the process of bending eyelashes not to be done at any time by using a lashes curler, you can try some of the following natural ways to flex lashes.
  • Using olive oil. How to use it is very simple. You only need to apply olive oil evenly on the lashes, then leave it to dry before rinsing and cleaning.
  • Using honey. Honey has many benefits for health and beauty. One of the uses of honey is to flex the eyes. How to use it, provide pure honey (raw honey), then apply it to the lashes evenly and let stand for 30 minutes before cleaning
  • Using a warm spoon. If you don’t have an eyelash retractor right now because you haven’t bought it, you can use this simple tool. The way to use a spoon to flex the lashes is: wash the spoon with hot water then attach the spoon to the eyelid (place it horizontally) and gently press your eyelid using the convex part of the spoon so that the lashes curl upwards. A warm spoon works like a hairdryer that will make eyelashes curl and last longer.

Multiple top collections

There is no simplest and easiest way you can do to beautify yourself while reducing the hassle of arranging your hair besides using a hat. Anyone knows that hats are every woman’s secret weapon. Hats can make women look more elegant, more beautiful, and of course, it will be very useful when used when going out during the day when the weather is hot.

Make your hair look wavy

Brighten your face by getting rid of annoying pimples.

Face skin filled with zits or acne scars will make it look more dull and darker. For your face to look bright and bright, make sure you get rid of pimples and acne scars or black spots.

The easiest way to get rid of pimples in one night is to apply toothpaste (not gel) to pimpled skin. The antibacterial properties contained in these toothpastes will help eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Apply at night and see the results in the morning.

Dry your hair the right way

One of the best ways to dry your hair is to let it dry naturally. However, it is not just left. For the results to be more attractive, during the drying process, the hair must be prepared properly and correctly. If you are curious about how to dry your hair after taking a shower so you don’t need to arrange it and can make you look attractive immediately, you can listen to the video below.

Use a versatile foundation

It is undeniable, in this modern era, make-up is a necessity. Even many women who feel insecure when appearing without make-up. No need to blame anyone. Because many of us have been consumed by advertising gimmicks and cheated by make-up producers. To avoid wasteful use of makeup and not need to spend too much time on makeup, the easiest trick to make a beautiful face perfect is to use a versatile foundation (which contains moisturizer, SPF, and various make-up ingredients that you need in one container )

Apply the style of ponytail to hair

Ponytails can always make a woman look more feminine and sexy. Not only can it make hair look neater, but this method is also effective to be used to reduce the time of hairstyling. Learn various ways to tie hair that are simple but interesting by looking at the video below.


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