Nail problems for health

Nail problems that are often faced

Clean, neat, and well-maintained nails will surely be everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a good and desirable nail shape due to several conditions. Certain conditions can cause nails to change in shape or ‘abnormalities’, ranging from fungal nail infections, the effects of accidents that injure the fingers and nails, or because of living habits. But it turns out that abnormalities in the nails are not only due to factors originating from the outside, abnormalities that occur in our fingernails can be signs of disease in the body.

Brittle and brittle nails

When someone has reached the age of no longer young, or when someone often does activities that involve exposure to water or chemicals such as soap and detergent, the person’s nails will become brittle and break easily. Brittle and brittle nails can also be caused by fungal infections that attack the nails.

However, not many people know that health problems in a person’s body can also cause a person’s nails to become brittle and break easily, including lichen planus skin conditions, thyroid glands that are inactive (underactive) or overactive (overactive) in producing hormones. hormones in the body, nail psoriasis, even diseases such as reactive arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome, although not often.

Nails change color

Often without us knowing, the nails which were originally clear in color gradually change in terms of color. In many cases, a person’s nails turn to a yellowish color, it could be due to a yeast infection, consumption of drugs similar to carotene, or nail psoriasis. Not only that, but many other diseases also cause a person’s nails to change color, including lung damage due to bronchiectasis, sinusitis, inflammation of the thyroid gland, tuberculosis (tuberculosis), lymphedema, a liver disease that causes almost the entire body to turn yellow, to disease chronic paronychia.

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In addition to changing color to yellow, nails may also change color to green-black, gray, brown, even to blue. Green-black nails can be caused by the growth of pseudomonas bacteria, gray can be caused by the consumption of drugs such as antimalarial or minocycline, and brown color can be caused by thyroid disease, pregnancy, or malnutrition. Blue nails can also be a sign of a liver condition called Wilson disease, a condition where the body has difficulty removing excess copper or when the body is experiencing a lack of oxygen.

Lines appear on the nails

The Beau line can be a sign of malnutrition in a person’s body, marked by a horizontal line along the nail. Also, several other health conditions can cause the emergence of the Beau line on the nails, including diseases that cause high fever such as measles and scarlet fever, peripheral vascular disease, pneumonia, uncontrolled diabetes, and zinc mineral deficiency in the body.

Also, the Beau line can appear in patients who are on or have undergone chemotherapy treatment as well as patients who have Raynaud’s disease when in an environment with very cold air. Abnormalities in the form of the emergence of the Beau line can generally be eliminated. It takes about four to six months to remove this line on the fingers and six to 12 months on the toenail.

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The general term for this nail disorder which has the medical name Koilinychia is spooning or spoon nails because it causes the sufferer’s nails to look like a spoon. Nails of a person with a koilinisia disorder will form a deep basin. K

ethics someone has a nail shape like this, chances are that person also has one of several health conditions such as iron mineral deficiency or anemia, hemochromatosis or iron accumulation in the body, Raynaud’s disease, lupus erythematosus, and several other diseases related to heart and vessel disease blood.


This nail disorder has a pretty unique name: clubbing. Clubbing is a condition in which the tissue under the nail thickens so that the nail becomes round and bulging, almost similar to onions. In cases of hereditary disorders, this disorder is considered not too dangerous, but if this condition appears suddenly on your fingernails, there may be a disease or health problem in the body.

Possible diseases that occur along with the growth of nails include long-term lung and heart diseases, such as lung cancer, bronchiectasis, or endocarditis, which can also inflammation of the intestine or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), cirrhosis, even polycythemia disease, which is blood that is too thick.

Pincer nail deformity

Nail abnormalities can be identified by the presence of excessive curvature that increases with the length of the nail and reaches the maximum point at the tip of the nail. At this point, you will see a part of the nail that seems to ‘pinch’ the fingertip without disturbing the skin’s epidermal tissue. But often this disease causes pain in the sufferer’s fingertips, where the nails curl to the fingertips.

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This disorder is likely to occur in patients with psoriasis, SLE, Kawasaki disease, cancer, end-stage kidney disease, and genetic syndromes such as congenital paronias.

There are many more abnormalities in the nails and health problems behind it. As much as possible contact the medical personnel concerned if your fingernails change color, texture, shape, or thickness for no apparent reason, ok

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