Maintaining good lung health

In addition to the heart and brain, the lungs are the vital human organs that regulate breathing. so that blood circulation is smooth, you need to maintain good lung health. There are several ways that you can easily follow to stay in good health and condition.

The lungs are helped by the breathing muscles to become an ‘air pump’ when you breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. The exchange of the two gases takes place in a small, sac-shaped tissue called the alveoli.

The oxygen you breathe will enter blood vessels and flow to all body cells to fuel metabolism. This is why the lungs become a very important organ because its function is very basic for human life.

Because the lungs have a connection with the outside world that is connected to the respiratory tract, the risk of illness and external danger puts their health at risk.

How to Maintain Lung Health

If the lungs are exposed to allergens, pollutants, or microbes, then interference can arise. By knowing how important the role and high risk of this organ is, you should also prioritize lung health. The easy way is to follow some of the ways below.

Stop smoking and avoid smoking the smoke

Smoking is a major cause of various lung problems. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis are the most common diseases arising from these bad habits.

Also, smoking is considered to be a major cause of lung cancer. For information, lung cancer is the number one contributor to death in the world. In addition to problems with the lungs, smoking also increases the risk of blood vessel problems, thereby affecting the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.

For those of you who still smoke, try to slowly stop, starting with a strong determination. As for those of you who don’t smoke, avoid becoming secondhand smoke by avoiding an environment filled with cigarette smoke. Also, do not be bored to remind those closest to you who still smoke.

Exercise regularly

The recommended exercise is aerobic type, which requires stamina such as jogging, bicycles, swimming, or gymnastics. Exercising at least 30 minutes three times a week can help maintain lung health.

When exercising, breathing becomes fast, thus training the lungs to increase their capacity while preventing sore throats. Also, exercise is beneficial to facilitate blood circulation in the body.

Avoid air pollution

Pollution including road dust, building dust, and motor vehicle exhaust fumes should be avoided. Unwittingly, these pollutants are often the cause of lung problems, especially if they occur for long periods or large amounts.

Pollutants that are very small in size can enter the lung tissue and accumulate, thereby disrupting respiratory function and lung capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that you always wear a mask when you are outdoors or working in a factory environment.

Avoid lung infections

Direct infection of the lungs can cause problems, both due to viruses and bacteria. The way to avoid this is by keeping your hands clean, diligently washing your hands with soap and running water. Also, wear a mask if there are people around who are experiencing lung infections because transmission can be through the air you breathe.

Maintain endurance

This step is equally important. The reason is, if your immune system is weak, microbes that enter the body can directly cause infection. Maintaining endurance can be done by eating nutritionally balanced, healthy foods, getting enough rest, avoiding stress, not smoking, and regular exercise.

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