How to make love with sensitive people

Making love Sensitive People

People who are sensitive feelings are often described as people who are very sensitive to various things around them. They quickly recognize and feel even the most subtle changes in their environment, and are more easily overwhelmed when in a very crowded environment. As a result, these characteristics may not help make their partners confused to maintain their attitudes, words, and actions around the person. Including also when in bed.

False words or movements are feared to make a couple’s mood go down and are reluctant to have sex. Then, is there anything you can or shouldn’t do when having sex with someone who has sensitive feelings?

Making love with sensitive people

In 1996, Dr. Elaine Aron, a psychologist from the United States and author of The Highly Sensitive Person, has examined how sensitive people perceive intimate relationships and sexuality.

Dr. Aron wants to find out how different the meaning of sex is and what problems sensitive people face when having sex when compared to other people in general. Overall the results of the study did not differ greatly.

Sensitive people also have the same sexual interests and desires as ordinary people. However, the need for sex and the response of sensitive people to stimuli is slightly different.

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People who are sensitive feelings need more comfort and peace during sex to be able to enjoy more activities in bed. Because, sensitive people generally tend to be easily stressed, easily distracted, and easily feel uncomfortable when there are small disturbances around them.

So, there are tips and ways to be able to enjoy sexual relations with sensitive people without fear of making mistakes and end up making it emotional.

Ask and compromise the limits during sex.

To avoid wrong action and say during sex, you and your partner who have sensitive feelings should talk about the limits and rules when in bed.

For example, your partner does not like to talk about sex that is too vulgar or too rough. You can look for other alternatives by discussing this with your partner. Explain what your partner can receive and what is not.

You can also explain that a partner may protest if there are words or stimuli that are at risk of hurting him.

Having sex with love.

According to Dr. Elaine Aron, a sensitive person wants to have intimate relationships full of love and affection. This is because making love for them does not merely satisfy the desires and reach a climax.

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Having sex with sensitive people is a personal thing that is full of sacredness. Sensitive people almost always “pour” all their energy and emotions during sex. Most sensitive people are reluctant to make love for free without affection.

So, for those of you who have sensitive feelings, treat them with love and affection.

It is not recommended to have sex too harshly.

Dr. Elaine Aron further explained that most sensitive people would find it difficult to return to their original activities after sex.

Maybe they tend to re-imagine which parts they don’t like and disturb when having sex. There is a possibility this is a response to explore the intimate relationship that has just been done.

The reason, some sensitive people report that they are reluctant to complain, reject, or even protest for fear of disturbing your enjoyment while making love.

In addition, people with sensitive feelings tend to be less resistant to pain than ordinary people. Therefore, as much as possible not to overdo stimulation, because this can hurt their bodies.

Avoid having sex with style while hitting, grabbing, or BDSM style.

If you want to do excessive movement or stimulation, try permission first and encourage interruptions when they feel uncomfortable between sex.

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Condition the place to make love away from any disturbances.

Dr. Aron also explained that sensitive people can be disturbed by sounds, smells, or other things around them. For a smooth sex session, first make sure that the place for tonight’s love affair is free from distractions.

Anticipate disturbances such as odors by first cleaning the bed and room. Then, adjust the lighting as dimly as possible and have sex when everyone is asleep. This is all to avoid couples who have uncomfortable feeling sensitive so that sex is not optimal.

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