How to maintain ear health, easily

Some precise steps need to be done regularly in maintaining ear health. Anything?

Clean the ears properly

Anatomy of the ear consists of three main parts, namely the inside, middle, and outside. All of these parts have their functions so that you can hear well. When cleaning the ears, it’s good to clean the outside or just the auricle. The reason is, the ear can clean itself. The existence of fine hairs and its angular shape can keep the ear from entering excess dirt.

Avoid Cotton Bud

One habit that is often done is to clean the ears using a cotton bud. Unfortunately, this activity is not good to do. Because, cleaning the ears with a cotton bud can make ear wax pushed into the inside of the ear, thus making it deeper and deeper. Therefore, you only need to clean the ears only.

Avoid ears from loud noises

To maintain ear health, avoid ears from loud noises in the long run. Because, too long in a noisy environment can affect hearing, including making hearing reduced until it becomes deaf. If you are forced to be in a noisy environment, such as working in a factory, you are advised to wear ear protectors.

Avoid the use of earphones

Loud sounds not only come from the surrounding environment, but also on the use of earphones. Music listening activity on this hearing aid has become a trend, however, the use of earphones can cause interference with the ear. To stay safe, it’s a good idea to use earphones for no more than an hour. Do not forget to adjust the volume so that it is not too loud and hurt the ear.

Keep the ears dry

Excessive humidity in the ear can cause bacteria to enter the ear canal. This situation can unconsciously trigger infection and irritation of the ear. Therefore, always keep the ear so that the condition remains dry. If you like swimming, you should use earplugs to prevent water from getting into your ears.

Routinely see a doctor

In addition to checking the health of the body, you also need to regularly check ear health. The reason is, the older a person is, the more susceptible he is to hearing loss.

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