Healthy living room temperature

The best room temperature for your living room

maybe you are confused looking for reference articles about room temperature, here I will give a little experience about various room temperatures that I have felt while in Indonesia.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time in your living room wearing everyday clothes or pajamas to watch TV at night. Most people find ideal temperatures in living rooms between 19 and 22 degrees. Others believe that ‘the warmer is better’, of course, given that each level will also be seen on the bill. It’s best not to heat it to more than 20 or 21 degrees.

preheat your living room with a designer radiator. Not only are they powerful and efficient, they also add aesthetic value to your interior.

Your bathroom air conditioner optimally.

A cold bathroom is the worst nightmare for everyone. The ideal temperature during use is around 23 degrees, the best temperature is achieved by underfloor heating combined with a practical towel radiator.

The bedroom could be a bit cooler.

We went from the hottest room to the coolest room: the bedroom. You will actually enjoy the best night’s rest if the temperature is not higher than 20 degrees. Thermometers can even be as low as 15 or 16 degrees.

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What if you are not home?

The ideal room temperature when you are not at home depends on how long you will be gone.

What is the Best and Healthy Room Temperature for Your Family?

During the day, while you are working and school children, heating must be rested, so that the temperature drops no more than a few degrees.

If you travel for several weeks and turn off heating completely, the temperature will drop dramatically. It can cause problems with moisture. During your absence, it is better to set the thermostat to a moderate temperature, such as 14 degrees.

So set the thermostat to a certain minimum temperature during your vacation. The day before you return, you can gradually increase the temperature of the room again with the help of a digital thermostat.

This article can help to comfort the temperature of the hotel, office or other public places.


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