Causes of Leucorrhoea in Women and How to Overcome It, Complete

Leucorrhoea is something that is natural and must be experienced by every woman. Because the white liquid that comes out of Miss V is actually very beneficial for the health of their reproductive system.

But unfortunately, some women sometimes experience excessive vaginal discharge, some that are itchy, sometimes brown or yellow and feel very disturbing, including when pregnant.

Now, as a woman, to be able to look beautiful and perfect every day is certainly not enough to just do facial care and skin. rather, we need to maintain health in hidden parts such as the genital area.

Especially for those of you who have vaginal discharge problems,

You can find out the cause of vaginal discharge in women and how to overcome it by reading the article below.

What causes vaginal discharge in women?

Clear white liquid that comes out of the vagina is a liquid produced by the cervical gland. Its function is to bring out bacteria and dead cells. That way, Miss V will maintain health and cleanliness, and avoid infections and various problems.

But in some cases, sometimes women experience it abnormally or excessively. However, you should also know that the amount, color, and smell, can vary from one woman to another. Everything depends on several factors such as menstrual cycles, ovulation, breastfeeding conditions, pregnancy, or can also be influenced by sexual stimulation.

What are the causes of itchy and smelly vaginal discharge and how do you identify and know abnormal vaginal discharge?

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How to identify it is quite easy. If vaginal discharge is accompanied by a feeling of heat or itching that causes discomfort in Miss V, then you must be aware of bacteria or other factors such as infections that can threaten your health.

The causes of abnormal (abnormal) vaginal discharge that cause changes in color, odor, and the amount of vaginal discharge itself, can be seen in the points below.

A. Bacteria vaginosis.

This bacterium is the main cause of vaginal discharge, because it can usually trigger infection. If an infection occurs in Miss V, the volume of vaginal discharge will increase and generally will smell very strong and unpleasant (foul-smelling). Factors that can increase contracting bacterial vaginosis include:
Change partners often make love.

Often get oral sex from a partner

B. Trichomoniasis.

The other cause of vaginal discharge in women is due to the presence of one-celled organisms that cause infection, called trichomoniasis. This type of infection usually spreads through sexual contact. However, it can also be spread by other means, such as swimsuit exchanges and the use of towels or underwear.

The characteristics of you having a trichomoniasis infection:

You will see a yellowish-green or foul-smelling liquid. Symptoms, sometimes cause pain, itching, and can also cause inflammation. However, in some women they sometimes do not experience any symptoms.

C. Fungal infections.

Fungal infections can cause the appearance of white feces like cheese which cause a hot and itchy sensation. This fungal infection is another cause of vaginal discharge that is not normal in women. But you must know that the presence of mushrooms in Miss V is normal. It’s just that, if the growth is over the limit or excessive, this is what can cause leucorrhoea problems.

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D. Gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are sexually transmitted infections that can cause vaginal discharge to become abnormal. Changes that occur are usually in the form of discoloration of vaginal discharge into yellowish or greenish.

E. As a result of pelvic inflammation.

Pelvic inflammation or pelvic inflammation is an infection that is usually caused by sexual contact. This condition can be experienced by a woman if their reproductive organs have bacteria that cause vaginal discharge to become smelly and dirty.

F. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or cervical cancer.

Sexual contact can cause the spread of the Human Papilloma Virus. People affected by HVP will usually get an infection. The infection can turn into cervical cancer. Here are some symptoms or signs that can appear if someone has cervical cancer:

  • Leucorrhoea is red or bloody
  • Brownish vaginal discharge
  • Leucorrhoea smells bad
  • To overcome this or to prevent it, you can do a pap smear (annual) and HPV test.

How to deal with vaginal discharge in women.

To get rid of harmless vaginal discharge, which results from the use of contraceptive pills, use of antibiotics, including the consequences of pregnancy, you can do the following tips:

  • Compress using cold water to reduce swelling and itching
  • If vaginal discharge occurs because it is triggered by the consumption of antibiotics, you can reduce the risk of fungal infections by diligently consuming yogurt
  • To overcome the spread and transmission of various venereal diseases, use a protector such as a condom during sex and immediately take medication if you experience genital health problems
  • If vaginal discharge is caused by a fungal infection, you can rely on an antifungal gel or an anti-fungal cream that can be purchased at drug stores or pharmacies
  • If you experience abnormal vaginal discharge after self-medication and the results do not show progress for a week, you should see a doctor.
  • To avoid leucorrhoea, try to keep Miss V dry and not moist. Get used to drying the genital area with a special towel just after urinating or defecating
  • Avoid using clothes that are too tight such as stockings, leggings, or cloth (pants) made of synthetic materials
  • If not needed, avoid using underwear when sleeping at night
  • Get used to washing the genitals from front to back after urinating, and not vice versa.
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The discomfort caused by vaginal discharge is sometimes very disturbing. Well, so that you can still exercise, work, and do various other activities normally, use comfortable clothes, especially those made of cotton.

For example, to exercise, buy good sports clothing that really absorbs moisture / sweat and is comfortable to wear. When working, you can rely on a filter to prevent vaginal discharge from exiting Miss V leaving no stains on the pants you wear.

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