How to Avoid Prostate Cancer

Take supplements.

Research on cancer has proven that getting nutrients by eating food is much better than using supplements.

However, there are several conditions that make supplements a better choice. Consult with your doctor about supplements that are or you want to consume.
Take zinc supplements. Most men do not consume zinc-rich foods in sufficient quantities. Zinc supplements help maintain prostate health. Research has proven that zinc deficiency causes the prostate to swell and zinc is very important to prevent prostate cells from turning into cancer cells. Take zinc supplements in the form of tablets at a dose of 50-100 (or even 200) mg per day to reduce prostate swelling.

Take saw palmetto berry supplements. The effectiveness of this supplement is still being debated by laypeople as well as professional medical personnel. So, consult with your doctor before starting taking this supplement. Some research shows that this supplement helps kill prostate cancer cells.

Some studies have found that taking certain supplements, such as vitamin E and folic acid (a type of vitamin B), increases the risk of prostate cancer. Other research has also proven that taking many supplements (for example more than seven types), even those that are usually used to prevent prostate cancer, increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer.


Stop smoking.

Although the relationship between smoking and prostate cancer is still debated, tobacco is believed to cause oxidative damage due to the effects of free radicals on body cells thereby increasing the belief that smoking can cause cancer. In a meta-analysis of 24 studies, smoking has been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer.


Have a healthy weight.

If you are overweight, implement an effective exercise and diet plan to get healthy body weight. Being overweight or obese is measured by Body Mass Index (BMI), an indicator of body fatness. To find out a person’s BMI, divide the weight (in kilograms) by the square of the person’s height (in meters). If the BMI is 25-29.9, the person is considered to be overweight. If the BMI is more than 30, the person is considered obese.

Reduce calorie intake and increase exercise. Both of these are the secret of the success of losing weight.

Pay attention to the size of your meal portions and eat slowly. Enjoy and chew food. Stop eating when you are full. Remember, you only need to eliminate hunger, it doesn’t have to be very full.

Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and various other health problems, such as depression, heart disease, and stroke. Although the causal relationship between regular exercise and prostate health is uncertain, research that has been done so far shows that exercising regularly helps maintain prostate health.

Try to do moderate to heavy exercise, for 30 minutes, several days per week. However, moderate to moderate exercises, such as brisk walking, has also been effective in maintaining prostate health. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, start gradually by walking to work, using the stairs instead of the elevator, and going for a walk every night. Increase activity gradually until you can do heavier aerobic exercise, such as cycling, swimming or running.


Frequency Ejaculation.

For years, researchers have believed that frequent ejaculation, during sex, masturbation, or even wet dreams, increases the risk of prostate cancer.

However, more recent research has shown that frequent ejaculation actually maintains prostate health. The researchers found that ejaculation helped remove carcinogens from the prostate gland and accelerated fluid replacement in the prostate gland thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer. In addition, routine ejaculation also helps relieve psychological stress thereby slowing the growth of cancer cells.

However, research in this regard is still at an early stage so there are no definitive recommendations regarding male sexual habits. For example, researchers still cannot determine how often a man needs to ejaculate to maintain prostate health. However, researchers believe that routine ejaculation needs to be accompanied by other indicators, such as a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating patterns, and regular exercise.

How to Maintain Prostate Health, Prostate Cancer


The prostate is a small gland in the male reproductive organs. The prostate is located near the bladder. Many men are affected by prostate disorders. As you get older, it’s good for men to be aware of signs of prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, one in every seven men diagnosed with prostate cancer and this cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men in the United States. In 2015, 27,540 deaths were caused by prostate cancer. [1] However, some precautions, such as changing diet and lifestyle and studying family medical history, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Some things you can do

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Eat jam and bread made from cereal made from white flour. Eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Also eat foods that are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, such as tomatoes and red peppers.

The content of lycopene makes vegetables and fruits turn red. Lycopene has been proven effective in preventing cancer. So, in general, the darker and brighter the red colors of the vegetables and fruits you eat, the better.

There is no definitive guide to how much lycopene needs to be consumed every day. However, research shows that to get the benefits of lycopene, people need to get enough lycopene by consuming foods that contain the substance throughout the day.

Eating Brassicaceae vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, mustard sprouts, and kale, are also effective in preventing cancer. Some controlled studies show that increasing consumption of Brassicaceae vegetables triggers a reduced risk of prostate cancer even though the evidence used is only associative at this stage.


Eat only certain types of protein.

Reduce consumption of red meat, such as beef, pork, lamb, and mutton. Also limit consumption of processed meat, such as sandwiches and hot dogs.

Instead of red meat, eat fish rich in omega-3 acids, such as salmon and tuna. Eating fish of this type improves prostate health, the heart and the immune system.

Research on the effectiveness of consuming fish to prevent prostate cancer is largely based on correlative data and the fact that men in Japan eat large amounts of fish and only a few have prostate cancer.
Researchers are still debating whether increased fish consumption and reduced risk of prostate cancer have a causal relationship.

Nuts, skinless chicken and eggs are also a source of healthy protein.


Increase soy consumption.

Soybean content, which is found in various vegetable dishes, is effective in preventing cancer. Foods that contain soy include tofu, soybeans, soy flour, and soy powder. Using soy milk, instead of cow’s milk, to eat cereal or drink coffee is one way to increase soy consumption.

Recent research shows that soybeans and some soy products, for example tofu, are effective in preventing prostate cancer. However, not all soy products, for example soy milk, have this property. In addition, there are no definitive guidelines regarding the amount of soybeans that need to be consumed to prevent prostate cancer.


Reduce consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.

Caffeine consumption does not have to be stopped completely, it just needs to be limited. Drink only 120-240 ml of coffee per day. The same thing applies to alcohol; drink alcohol only on special occasions and only as many as two small glasses per week. [9]
Don’t consume sugary drinks, which sometimes also contain caffeine, such as soda and fruit juice. This type of drink contains almost no nutrients.

Reduce salt consumption.

The best way to reduce salt consumption is to eat meat, dairy products, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Don’t eat frozen, canned, and packaged foods. Salt is often used to preserve food. Therefore, packaged foods usually have a high salt content.

When shopping at a convenience store, buy fresh food, which is usually located at the edge; packaged and canned foods are generally located in the middle aisle.
Read and compare food labels. Food manufacturers are now required to put on food labels the amount of sodium contained in the product as well as the percentage of the recommended daily amount of sodium intake.

The American Heart Association recommends that US citizens consume no more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day.


Eat good fats and avoid bad fats.

Limit consumption of saturated fats derived from animals and dairy products. Eat foods that contain healthy fats, such as olive oil, nuts, and avocados. Animal products that have a high fat content, such as meat, butter, and lard, have been shown to increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Don’t eat fast food and processed foods. Both of these foods usually contain partially hydrogenated fats (trans fats), which are very bad for your health.

How to Take Care of Skin Naturally, Complete

Since ancient times, there have been various methods applied by Indonesian women to treat their skin to remain healthy, smooth, soft, and radiant.

Unfortunately, in this modern era, many women do not have the time to continue the tradition of concocting traditional herbs to treat the skin. Apart from not having time, many modern women consider traditional ingredients to be too old for them to apply.

In fact, natural ingredients contained in it have been proven to help overcome various skin problems without dangerous side effects.

When compared to a variety of modern care products that are expensive and widely sold in stores, natural products are much safer to use.

In fact, as good as any skin care product that is packed with various interesting forms, it turns out it contains ingredients that are harmful to the skin when used in the long run. Call it chemicals, artificial dyes, perfumes, preservatives, and stabilizers, which will easily seep through the pores of the skin and potentially cause health problems in the future.

The various risks that can be caused by modern cosmetic products above inspire me to share 21 ways to treat skin naturally and traditionally, which I will write below, which will definitely be very useful to reduce dependence on cosmetic products that you have been using.

Today, buying a variety of skin care products can make us dizzy and confused because of the many choices available. Ranging from facial soap, lotions, to scrub packages, the types and types are very diverse. The number of diverse and varied skin care options often has the potential to make us choose the wrong cosmetics.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong cosmetics not only causes skin problems in the short term, but, can also cause skin problems in the long term and sustainable. Well, so that these risks can be minimized You can try 21 tips on caring for the skin using natural ingredients that are processed in the following traditional ways.

1. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day

The best way to treat skin first is to diligently drink water, at least 2 liters per day. This amount must be outside the liquid intake from vegetables and fruits. Why do we need so much water every day?

Like other organs in our body, the skin is made of cells that need water to function properly. With water, the skin’s moisture will be maintained, water will help to increase skin elasticity, can help skin become more youthful; can help reduce skin problems such as psoriasis, fine lines or wrinkles, and eczema; helps eliminate toxins from the skin and in the body, and helps increase metabolism and facilitate the digestive system.

2. Exercise regularly at least 5 days a week

Many people believe that exercise only has a positive effect on body health. Like the health of internal organs, starting from the heart, lungs, to help minimize disease and increase body immunity. Though diligent in moving or exercising is one of the keys to healthy skin.

According to a skin specialist named Ellen Marmur, MD, a professor of Skin Dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, at the same time writing a book entitled: Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin, says that, most of us tend focus on cardiovascular benefits when doing physical activities (exercise). In fact, exercise or exercise can also help improve blood circulation and help maintain healthy skin and help reduce stress.

How can exercise have a positive impact on skin health? Still according to Ellen Marmur, exercise will increase blood flow which serves to maintain skin cells and keep them healthy. Smooth blood will bring oxygen and nutrients better; and then distribute it throughout the body – including the skin. Not only that, smooth blood will help the body get rid of toxins and waste causing various skin problems to the maximum.

3. Make sure you have enough rest every day

According to a certified sleep specialist named Michael Breus, PhD, getting enough sleep or rest between 7-9 hours every night is needed by the skin to help.

4. Avoid stress

Most ordinary people consider stress as a disease. In fact, stress is one source of disease that can trigger a variety of serious health problems such as cancer, lung disease, and liver cirrhosis. More than that, stress can affect the entire body from hair, nails, to skin.

How does stress affect the skin? According to health experts, stress will trigger a chemical response in the body so that the skin becomes more sensitive and reactive. The hormone cortisol is one product of stress. These hormones can trigger the skin glands to produce oil excessively. So, don’t be surprised if when stressed, your facial skin tends to be oily and easier to break out.

5. Use natural face soap.

Here are recipes or ways to make healthy natural face soaps to treat skin to be beautiful and charming.

Materials that need to be prepared

3/4 cup of chamomile tea that has been brewed and then filtered

1/4 cup of liquid soap

1/2 tsp (teaspoon) of almond oil

3-4 drops of vitamin E oil

8 drops of lavender essential oil


How to make

Provide a container (bottle) that can hold all the ingredients above. Then add liquid soap, almond oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.

Then add (distilled) chamomile tea

Stir until well blended

The natural face soap is ready to use


6. Exfoliate regularly

Although our body can lift and replace the dead skin cells themselves when we sleep, but unfortunately, not all dead skin cells are lifted from the skin. That’s what causes why facial skin becomes oily, looks dull, darker than it should be, and often has problems (pimples).

So that dead skin cells can be lifted perfectly, we must help lift it by exfoliating. Use natural ingredients such as sugar or salt to remove dead skin cells a maximum of 2 times a month.

Sea salt is rich in minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. Besides being useful as a natural exfoliator, sea salt is also useful to help maintain skin balance, protect skin from various diseases, and help maintain skin.


7. Massage

Traditional massage for skin care

The main benefit of massage is to promote blood circulation in the body so that nutrients and oxygen can be distributed evenly to all cells, including to skin cells. Perform massage regularly (once a week) starting from the toe to the tip of the head to help facilitate blood in the body and to maintain healthy skin.

8. Take advantage of pure coconut oil

Coconut oil is a versatile traditional ingredient that is very good for enhancing beauty and skin care. The benefit is to strengthen the skin’s epidermal tissue, help remove dead skin cells, protect the skin from sunburn; contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal; and contains antioxidant properties.

Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer which can also function as a protector for the skin against chronic diseases such as inflammation and atopic dermatitis.

9. Raw honey

Raw honey is the best traditional ingredient that contains nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. Useful for enhancing the beauty of the skin and also useful for:

  • Moisturize the skin
  • Speed ​​up the wound healing process
  • Helps fight allergies and rashes
  • Contains quality antiseptics
  • Helps disguise scars

If you are interested in using honey as a traditional skin care product – which you can make at home, you can try following the tips below:

  • Provide 1 tsp (teaspoon) of raw honey
  • Wipe evenly on the arms and facial skin
  • Leave for 10 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Dry it


10. Avocados

how to make avocado masks

Mature avocados contain lots of vitamins. Starting from vitamins A, D and E. In addition, avocados are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados can be used as a skin mask that serves to help nourish and hydrate the skin so that the skin becomes smoother, more supple, and more radiant.

11. Lemon water

If you are interested in brightening the skin or overcoming black spots on the face, causing the face to look dull or dark, you can use lemon water. In order not to be too hard, you should mix lemon water with plain water, then apply it to the entire skin of the face. But remember! the use of lemon water to whiten the skin is not recommended for sensitive skin. Tips, to overcome the stain, apply lemon water only to black stains or scars.

12. Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plant, better known by the name Aloe Vera, is certainly no stranger to your ears right? Given the various benefits for health and beauty. Aloe vera, which contains anti-bacterial properties, has anti-inflammatory properties and can help overcome various skin problems such as hives or rashes, is the best traditional ingredient for treating skin and is useful for dealing with various skin problems such as infections and burns.

13. Jojoba oil

If you have jojoba oil at home, use it to treat your skin. The main function of this oil is to moisturize the skin and help heal burns, normal wounds, disguise scars, treat dermatitis, psoriasis, so that it can also be used to treat acne and wrinkles.

14. Almond oil

The main benefits of almond oil are to treat rashes, zits, and dry skin. How to use it is very simple, you can use it as a mask or lotion in your spare time.

15. Use natural facial serum to keep the skin young

If you have had a hard time spending money to buy a face serum that is expensive and can only get a few milliliters, you can consider making your own face serum, which benefits, can also make your face and skin stay young. The cost is certainly much cheaper when compared to products sold on the market. How to make?

Materials needed and how to make them

Provide three grains of vitamin C (crush)

Add 2 tablespoons (tablespoons) of rose water

Add 1 tsp (teaspoon) of olive oil

Mix well

You can use the vitamin C serum above to remove acne scars, brighten the skin, ward off free radicals, and prevent premature aging.

Causes of yellow teeth and how to overcome them, Complete

Yellow tooth factor

Most people are born with ivory-colored teeth, but there are a variety of colors that occur naturally, ranging from yellow to gray. The color of your teeth is determined by DNA in the same way that DNA determines the color of your eyes or hair. However, not a few people who have yellow teeth.

The yellow color is not a sign of poor oral health, but yellow teeth are generally caused by bad habits against teeth. If you do not look for ways to deal with yellow teeth immediately, it may continue until damage occurs to the teeth. Therefore, before discussing how to deal with yellow teeth, let’s look at some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration.

Unclean Teeth

Plaque deposits are one of the main causes of tooth stains. Plaque can arise due to various things, ranging from the accumulation of salivary tissue little by little to the former food that is not cleaned. The longer you don’t clean or brush your teeth, the thicker the plaque on the teeth and gums.

Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day, wear dental floss at least once a day and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to remove bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar.

Tooth enamel or enamel damage

The teeth turn yellow with age, because tooth enamel eventually weakens, showing lower dentin which is a darker substance, which forms a collection of teeth. This process of weakening tooth enamel occurs in everyone and is a natural thing. However, you can know to reduce the acceleration of this weakening through the habit of maintaining good dental health.

You can prevent damage to the email by trying to sip drinks that contain acid using a straw. This will avoid direct contact with acid teeth. A better way is certainly by reducing foods that contain acids.

Drinking Coffee and Tea Habits

Coffee and tea contain substances that can change the color of teeth. In coffee and tea, the tannin content turns out to cause yellowing of the teeth. The tannin will stick to the outer layer of the tooth so that it slowly changes the color of the teeth to yellow. On teeth with uneven surfaces, these yellow stains will be more easily visible and clearer. Even more surprising, it turns out the tannin content in tea is much higher than coffee, so tea makes yellow teeth faster.

Smoking habit

Not only bad for respiratory health but smoking is also the cause of yellowing of the teeth. The mastermind that causes this color change process is the nicotine and tar content in cigarettes. Both of these substances are very easy to stick to the teeth and accumulate causing teeth to turn yellowish. For heavy smokers, the yellowing effect of the teeth will occur very quickly. Especially if classified as heavy smokers, the teeth will turn black after years of smoking.

Fluoride and Excessive Mouthwash

Fluoride in toothpaste is very useful to protect teeth and maintain cleanliness. However, too much fluoride causes the risk of yellowing teeth. Too much fluoride until yellowing teeth are usually called fluorosis. In addition to fluoride, mouthwash to kill germs and freshen the mouth can cause yellow teeth if used too much. This is caused by the acid content in mouthwash. If too much acid is caused by the mouthwash, the teeth will also turn yellow slowly.

Medicines and Antibiotics

Certain types of drugs and antibiotics can cause yellowing of the teeth, namely tetracycline, and doxycycline. In addition to these two types, some allergy medications and blood pressure also cause the same thing. Therefore, always follow the doctor’s instructions so as not to take excessive medicine.

How to Remove Yellow Teeth

In general, how to deal with yellow teeth that are not too severe can be done in ways that are not too difficult such as routine brushing, reducing coffee and smoking habits, and maintaining a limit on the intake of sour or sweet foods.

The good habit of brushing your teeth is done at least twice a day or after eating. The use of dental floss and mouthwash is permitted, as long as it is within reasonable levels. Make sure dental hygiene is always maintained and controlled. Also, make it a habit to always gargle [1] after eating something to prevent stains from accumulating for too long in your teeth.

However, if the yellow teeth are too severe so that there is a visible brown, then extra action is needed. Come on, see some ways to deal with yellow teeth more effectively!

Teeth Whitening

In the condition of yellow teeth that are already severe, the dentist will advise doing teeth whitening. Teeth whitening – or better known as bleaching, is a powerful method that utilizes bleach to clean plaque on the teeth and between gums. This bleach can be used to clean tartar and prevent it from damaging teeth.

This bleaching process uses dental molds that are given bleach, then is applied directly to the teeth so that the bleach sticks to the teeth. This process usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the condition of the teeth, the bleaching process can be done up to several times.


Another way to whiten yellow teeth is to use a laser. The use of lasers to whiten teeth faster than teeth whitening, but of course, the price to pay is also more expensive.

The laser beam that is fired into the yellow teeth has been given a whitening agent. Generally, the results of white teeth obtained by patients can be obtained instantly, but for severe conditions, there is usually continued therapy by a doctor.

Pomegranate benefit for Pregnant Ladies

Pomegranate for Pregnant Women

When pregnant women are advised to eat foods that can benefit the growth of babies, for example, pomegranate juice.

It is said that consuming pomegranate juice for pregnant women can stimulate the brain growth of an unborn baby.

According to a new study conducted by a team at the University of Washington School of Medicine, pomegranate juice limits inflammation and injury to placental tissue.

They found that thanks to the antioxidant polyphenols, this juice can help reduce the risk of cell death, placental cells, and fetal death.

Pomegranate juice also has many other benefits. This fruit juice is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, which help clear clogged arteries.

Pomegranate juice also helps reduce the possibility of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, and hypertension.

Pomegranate for children

Pomegranate is not only good for adults. Pomegranate is also beneficial for babies, lo. This fruit can be given to your child after six months of age. Many contents of vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals, which can be found in pomegranates. So, the content in this fruit can meet the nutritional needs of your child.

At the age of six months, the child is susceptible to bacteria that can cause inflammation. Well, pomegranates are efficacious to reduce the risk of inflammation. The enzymes that this fruit has been able to form anti-inflammatory compounds.

Mama must have worried that a lot of bacteria had entered her little body when she started stuffing various things in her mouth. In this case, the efficacy of pomegranates for infants is to reduce the risk of developing digestive diseases. Also, the red pomegranate can kill worms in the intestine.

Protecting the liver is also one of the properties of pomegranates for your baby, Mam. Antioxidants contained in it enhance the protection of oxidative substances. So the function of your child’s heart can be maintained properly.

Making pomegranate into juice is the recommended way for nutritionists for babies over six months old. Well, hopefully, Mama can try this fruit and feel the properties of pomegranates for babies.

Some things that reduce sexual arousal

When making love, passion plays an important role. Without se_x drive, couples will find it difficult to enjoy sexual relations.

If it happens in the long term, it can cause psychological problems and disturbances in the household.

The study found that more than 40 percent of married couples have experienced a loss of se_x drive.

Reported by Klikdokter, here are four things that are often the cause of decreased se_x drive, and how to overcome them:

Feeling bored with your partner

Because you have known your partner for a long time and had sex in the same way over and over again, some people can feel bored. This feeling of saturation can cause one or both parties, both husband and wife, to decrease their se_x drive.

If this is experienced, communicate with your partner about how you feel and try to discuss a solution together. Some ideas can be tried to re-arouse sexual arousal, for example by having se_x in different locations, exploring the bodies of each other’s partners, or taking a vacation together for several days.

Anxiety (anxiety disorders)

The worry that occurs continuously can reduce se_x drive. Besides, in the long run, anxiety can also interfere with marital relationships and harmony in the household.

Therefore, if someone experiences anxiety disorders, you should immediately seek help. Discuss with the closest person, and consult complaints with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

However, often a person does not realize that he is experiencing anxiety disorders.


Like anxiety disorders, depression is also susceptible to causing someone to lose libido. In general, depression is characterized by symptoms of depressed mood that occurs continuously for two weeks or more.

Also, patients can not have the energy to have daily activities and do not want to do things that previously became his favorite. If you experience this, do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.

After giving birth

Some women experience loss of se_x drive after giving birth. This can happen because of many things, such as unbearable pain when having sex, feeling tired in caring for your child, or hormonal changes after giving birth.

Talk to your partner about what happened. If the cause is pain during intercourse, try starting by touching your partner without penetrating the penis into the vagina first.

If the cause is fatigue, give the mother a chance to have time to rest or do what she likes for a few hours, so that fatigue can be reduced.

In addition to the four causes above, decreased sex drive can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as hormonal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or side effects of certain drugs. It is advisable to check this condition to the doctor, and do not let it drag on.

Maintaining good lung health

In addition to the heart and brain, the lungs are the vital human organs that regulate breathing. so that blood circulation is smooth, you need to maintain good lung health. There are several ways that you can easily follow to stay in good health and condition.

The lungs are helped by the breathing muscles to become an ‘air pump’ when you breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. The exchange of the two gases takes place in a small, sac-shaped tissue called the alveoli.

The oxygen you breathe will enter blood vessels and flow to all body cells to fuel metabolism. This is why the lungs become a very important organ because its function is very basic for human life.

Because the lungs have a connection with the outside world that is connected to the respiratory tract, the risk of illness and external danger puts their health at risk.

How to Maintain Lung Health

If the lungs are exposed to allergens, pollutants, or microbes, then interference can arise. By knowing how important the role and high risk of this organ is, you should also prioritize lung health. The easy way is to follow some of the ways below.

Stop smoking and avoid smoking the smoke

Smoking is a major cause of various lung problems. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis are the most common diseases arising from these bad habits.

Also, smoking is considered to be a major cause of lung cancer. For information, lung cancer is the number one contributor to death in the world. In addition to problems with the lungs, smoking also increases the risk of blood vessel problems, thereby affecting the incidence of heart attacks and strokes.

For those of you who still smoke, try to slowly stop, starting with a strong determination. As for those of you who don’t smoke, avoid becoming secondhand smoke by avoiding an environment filled with cigarette smoke. Also, do not be bored to remind those closest to you who still smoke.

Exercise regularly

The recommended exercise is aerobic type, which requires stamina such as jogging, bicycles, swimming, or gymnastics. Exercising at least 30 minutes three times a week can help maintain lung health.

When exercising, breathing becomes fast, thus training the lungs to increase their capacity while preventing sore throats. Also, exercise is beneficial to facilitate blood circulation in the body.

Avoid air pollution

Pollution including road dust, building dust, and motor vehicle exhaust fumes should be avoided. Unwittingly, these pollutants are often the cause of lung problems, especially if they occur for long periods or large amounts.

Pollutants that are very small in size can enter the lung tissue and accumulate, thereby disrupting respiratory function and lung capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that you always wear a mask when you are outdoors or working in a factory environment.

Avoid lung infections

Direct infection of the lungs can cause problems, both due to viruses and bacteria. The way to avoid this is by keeping your hands clean, diligently washing your hands with soap and running water. Also, wear a mask if there are people around who are experiencing lung infections because transmission can be through the air you breathe.

Maintain endurance

This step is equally important. The reason is, if your immune system is weak, microbes that enter the body can directly cause infection. Maintaining endurance can be done by eating nutritionally balanced, healthy foods, getting enough rest, avoiding stress, not smoking, and regular exercise.

Definition of Hypertension

Understanding Hypertension

Hypertension is also called high blood pressure. How to find out hypertension is to check blood pressure diligently. For adults, a minimum of blood is checked every five years.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypertension

  • Headache.
  • Limp.
  • Problems with vision.
  • Chest pain.
  • Hard to breathe.
  • Arrhythmia.
  • The presence of blood in urine.

Risk factors for hypertension

As we get older, the possibility of suffering from hypertension will increase. The following are the triggering factors that can influence the increased risk of hypertension.

  • Above 65 years old.
  • Consume a lot of salt.
  • Overweight.
  • Having a family with hypertension.
  • Eat less fruits and vegetables.
  • Rarely exercise.
  • Drink too much coffee (or other drinks that contain caffeine).
  • Too much alcohol.

The risk of hypertension can be prevented by eating foods with good nutrition and changing lifestyles into healthier lifestyles.

Hypertension diagnosis

Measurement of blood pressure in mercury per millimeter (mmHG) and recorded in two numbers, namely systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is blood pressure when the heart beats pumping blood out. While diastolic pressure is blood pressure when the heart is not contracting (relaxation phase).

You are considered to have hypertension or high blood pressure if the results of several examinations, your blood pressure still reaches 140/90 mmHg and above.

  • Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Reducing consumption of salt and caffeine.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Lose weight, if needed.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption.

When to see a doctor?

Immediately contact a doctor if you feel the symptoms above. Proper handling can minimize the impact, so that treatment can be done more quickly

Some Types of Hearing Loss

the ear becomes one of the senses that is no less important because, with the help of the ear, you can hear a variety of beautiful sounds. Therefore ear health is very important for you to maintain.

Disorders of the ear will make you unable to hear sounds well in one or both ears. Of course, this will make it difficult for you to move normally.

Health problems that arise in the ear you should not underestimate, because it will result in the non-functioning of the ear which makes you deaf. Here are some types of hearing loss that you need to know:

Conductive / Conductive Hearing Loss

The first type of hearing loss is conduction deafness. In this case, you cannot hear the sound perfectly, because the transmission of sound waves that do not enter the ear effectively. As a result, the sound you hear will be slower and not too clear.

Some of the conditions that cause conduction hearing loss are the presence of fluid in the middle ear, too much ear wax, entry of foreign material into the outer ear canal, or infection in the middle ear. The treatment of hearing loss can be done through a series of physical tests, such as the use of the fork.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This hearing loss occurs in the inner ear or inner ear nerve that is directly connected to the brain. Sensorineural disorders are a type of permanent deafness, so they cannot be treated with drugs, various physical tests, or surgery.

People with hearing loss are only able to hear sounds in low volume, even though the actual volume of the sound source has been raised. Some of the things that cause deafness include head trauma, malformations in the inner ear, age, to genetic factors.

Mixed Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss is a mixture of conduction and sensorineural deafness. The first symptom is conduction deafness which then develops into sensory deafness.

Even so, the occurrence of ear disorders can occur simultaneously, for example, a person suffering from head trauma which also affects the middle and inner ear. When you do a physical test, you will find several signs that are similar to sensorineural hearing loss and conduction.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Symmetrical hearing loss is a condition when both ears experience the same degree of decreased ability to hear. Meanwhile, asymmetric deafness occurs when the degree of decreased ability to hear there is a difference between the two ears. This condition is very possible, especially if the person turns out to have experienced a fairly hard collision on one side of the ear.

Progressive and sudden hearing loss

If you have a hearing loss that is getting worse and worse, that means you have a progressive type of hearing loss. This ear disorder occurs gradually, ranging from mild to acute stages. Meanwhile, if you suddenly cannot hear, that means you are experiencing sudden deafness. This means you need to get treatment as soon as possible to find out the exact cause.

That was some type of hearing loss that you need to know. So that you do not experience it, immediately ask your doctor if you experience unusual symptoms in your ears

Nail problems for health

Nail problems that are often faced

Clean, neat, and well-maintained nails will surely be everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a good and desirable nail shape due to several conditions. Certain conditions can cause nails to change in shape or ‘abnormalities’, ranging from fungal nail infections, the effects of accidents that injure the fingers and nails, or because of living habits. But it turns out that abnormalities in the nails are not only due to factors originating from the outside, abnormalities that occur in our fingernails can be signs of disease in the body.

Brittle and brittle nails

When someone has reached the age of no longer young, or when someone often does activities that involve exposure to water or chemicals such as soap and detergent, the person’s nails will become brittle and break easily. Brittle and brittle nails can also be caused by fungal infections that attack the nails.

However, not many people know that health problems in a person’s body can also cause a person’s nails to become brittle and break easily, including lichen planus skin conditions, thyroid glands that are inactive (underactive) or overactive (overactive) in producing hormones. hormones in the body, nail psoriasis, even diseases such as reactive arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome, although not often.

Nails change color

Often without us knowing, the nails which were originally clear in color gradually change in terms of color. In many cases, a person’s nails turn to a yellowish color, it could be due to a yeast infection, consumption of drugs similar to carotene, or nail psoriasis. Not only that, but many other diseases also cause a person’s nails to change color, including lung damage due to bronchiectasis, sinusitis, inflammation of the thyroid gland, tuberculosis (tuberculosis), lymphedema, a liver disease that causes almost the entire body to turn yellow, to disease chronic paronychia.

In addition to changing color to yellow, nails may also change color to green-black, gray, brown, even to blue. Green-black nails can be caused by the growth of pseudomonas bacteria, gray can be caused by the consumption of drugs such as antimalarial or minocycline, and brown color can be caused by thyroid disease, pregnancy, or malnutrition. Blue nails can also be a sign of a liver condition called Wilson disease, a condition where the body has difficulty removing excess copper or when the body is experiencing a lack of oxygen.

Lines appear on the nails

The Beau line can be a sign of malnutrition in a person’s body, marked by a horizontal line along the nail. Also, several other health conditions can cause the emergence of the Beau line on the nails, including diseases that cause high fever such as measles and scarlet fever, peripheral vascular disease, pneumonia, uncontrolled diabetes, and zinc mineral deficiency in the body.

Also, the Beau line can appear in patients who are on or have undergone chemotherapy treatment as well as patients who have Raynaud’s disease when in an environment with very cold air. Abnormalities in the form of the emergence of the Beau line can generally be eliminated. It takes about four to six months to remove this line on the fingers and six to 12 months on the toenail.


The general term for this nail disorder which has the medical name Koilinychia is spooning or spoon nails because it causes the sufferer’s nails to look like a spoon. Nails of a person with a koilinisia disorder will form a deep basin. K

ethics someone has a nail shape like this, chances are that person also has one of several health conditions such as iron mineral deficiency or anemia, hemochromatosis or iron accumulation in the body, Raynaud’s disease, lupus erythematosus, and several other diseases related to heart and vessel disease blood.


This nail disorder has a pretty unique name: clubbing. Clubbing is a condition in which the tissue under the nail thickens so that the nail becomes round and bulging, almost similar to onions. In cases of hereditary disorders, this disorder is considered not too dangerous, but if this condition appears suddenly on your fingernails, there may be a disease or health problem in the body.

Possible diseases that occur along with the growth of nails include long-term lung and heart diseases, such as lung cancer, bronchiectasis, or endocarditis, which can also inflammation of the intestine or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), cirrhosis, even polycythemia disease, which is blood that is too thick.

Pincer nail deformity

Nail abnormalities can be identified by the presence of excessive curvature that increases with the length of the nail and reaches the maximum point at the tip of the nail. At this point, you will see a part of the nail that seems to ‘pinch’ the fingertip without disturbing the skin’s epidermal tissue. But often this disease causes pain in the sufferer’s fingertips, where the nails curl to the fingertips.

This disorder is likely to occur in patients with psoriasis, SLE, Kawasaki disease, cancer, end-stage kidney disease, and genetic syndromes such as congenital paronias.

There are many more abnormalities in the nails and health problems behind it. As much as possible contact the medical personnel concerned if your fingernails change color, texture, shape, or thickness for no apparent reason, ok