How to find the best insurance company

Find the best insurance company

We don’t know much, but it’s actually very important when choosing the best medical insurance for our family. Here are seven tips for choosing the right health insurance.

Ever since the article about choosing health insurance appeared, many questions came to my email every day. Ask for advice, exchange opinions, trust and often criticize. The comment column also contains a number of expressions from readers who ask and comment.

This is certainly an unusual thing. Because the article was originally made in order to share my experience of finding companies with the best health insurance in the world that meets the needs of the family. The answer was unusual.

From here I realized that many people face a problem when choosing health insurance. This is not an easy-to-understand product, such as a device, without having to read the user manual, you can use it directly overnight. This is an insurance product with complex characteristics and conditions.

I want everyone in the world to choose insurance products that are beneficial in accordance with their needs. Not because of the choice of the operator or the conviction of friends, but because it was his choice, based on an understanding of his needs.

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But for this, they must know how to choose the right one.

what I found, I summarized, pondered and discussed with friends – insurance friends, and then the essence, which I set out in seven tips on how to choose health insurance below.


Register When Healthy

The terms “existing condition” are known in health insurance. Conditions for Existing Diseases Before you become a health insurance client, these existing illnesses are usually not covered by insurance. Although under certain conditions, insurance companies may want to carry it.

The bottom line is simple, apply for insurance when you are healthy. When you get sick, it is very likely that the insurance will reject your application.

Labor law in insurance is the law of opportunity. From each issued policy there is a probability that the client is healthy, there is a chance that the client is sick. Where the customer will be, sick or not, no one knows. Insurance companies can work and make a profit.

If the accepted client is sick, insurance must lose because hospital expenses exceed the premium. That is why insurance companies do not want to accept clients who are already suffering from illnesses. These are profit institutions, not social institutions.

So, if you think you need medical insurance, apply now. Do not delay. The sooner, the better, because the less likely that the disease already exists, the higher the likelihood that the application will be approved.

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Apply at a Young Age

When you get older, is your risk of illness or death increasing? Yes, this is a law of nature.

Insurance companies calculate insurance premiums based on the law. Despite healthy conditions, older people pay more expensive insurance premiums than young people. Age determines premium rates.

Therefore, provide insurance as early as possible. Firstly, you save because you pay fewer insurance premiums. Secondly, the risk of contracting the disease at a young age is less, so the likelihood of insurance is higher.

Unfortunately, I see many friends who are young and have sufficient income who are reluctant to get insurance. The reason is to feel healthy and consider insurance as a value. Do not consider insurance payments as something tangible that you can see and enjoy. This, of course, is wrong thinking.


Do not pay insurance with Cash Plan

Good health insurance is a reimbursement based on hospital bills. There are fees for accommodation, payment for the services of a doctor, payment for medicines, payment for laboratory work, payment for surgical services, payment for specialist services and others, each of which has its own ceiling. Thus, with this scheme, it is less likely that an overpayment will occur, which requires us to spend our own money to pay additional costs that are not covered by insurance.

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This shows how different the benefits of health insurance are compared to the money plan.

The money plan looks cheap with lower premiums. But if we count well, comparing premiums with benefits, money plans will become expensive.

So don’t take a cash plan? Nothing wrong. But first, you must have health insurance that replaces the cost of treatment at the hospital. Money plans should be additional protection, for example, to replace lost income (for example, entrepreneurs), because they cannot work while in the hospital.