Making love Sensitive People People who are sensitive feelings are often described as people who are very sensitive to various things around them. They quickly recognize and feel even the most subtle changes in their environment, and are more easily overwhelmed when in a very crowded environment. As a result,Continue Reading

Nail problems that are often faced Clean, neat, and well-maintained nails will surely be everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a good and desirable nail shape due to several conditions. Certain conditions can cause nails to change in shape or ‘abnormalities’, ranging from fungal nail infections, the effects ofContinue Reading

Reproductive health problems in men, women, and adolescents are very important especially those who are still easy. If these reproductive problems are not addressed properly, problems with pregnancy will arise when couples get married and try to have a baby. Since these reproductive problems cannot be underestimated, you should lookContinue Reading

kidney health care Kidney is an organ in the body that is important to maintain its condition. The kidneys have the function of filtering the blood, filtering and removing wastes such as poisons, excess salt and urea; monitor and control water balance in the body; regulate blood pressure and bloodContinue Reading

Definition of sore throat What is inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis)? Inflammation of the throat or pharyngitis is a condition when the back of the throat (pharynx) experiences inflammation. In Indonesia, sore throat is often referred to as heat. Pharyngitis will make the throat feel uncomfortable. Usually, this condition causesContinue Reading

Quitting smoking means giving yourself a chance to live healthier and longer. If you intend to stop this bad habit, but still not succeed in one way, don’t worry. There are still many other ways you can try to successfully run the smoking cessation method. Failure to stop smoking doesContinue Reading