The best room temperature for your living room maybe you are confused looking for reference articles about room temperature, here I will give a little experience about various room temperatures that I have felt while in Indonesia. Sometimes you spend a lot of time in your living room wearing everydayContinue Reading

The heart is an organ that works nonstop. The heart plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support survival. Therefore, it is appropriate for heart health to be maintained in order to avoid various diseases that can damage it. Maintaining heart health can be done withContinue Reading

Symptoms or symptoms of depression that arise are not just feeling sad or not caring for a moment. The characteristics of depressed people can be seen from 2 aspects, namely psychological and physical. From the psychological aspect, the characteristics of depression include: Always burdened with guilt. Feeling hopeless, inferior andContinue Reading

Take supplements. Research on cancer has proven that getting nutrients by eating food is much better than using supplements. However, there are several conditions that make supplements a better choice. Consult with your doctor about supplements that are or you want to consume. Take zinc supplements. Most men do notContinue Reading