How To Maintain eye health, 7 ways

Maintain Eye Health

The eye is one of the most important sense organs for humans. Maintaining eye health can prevent you from the risk of eye disease and loss of vision. Here are some things you can do to maintain eye health.

Routine Eye Examination

Everyone, from childhood to old age, is recommended to have their eyes checked by an eye specialist at least once every 2 years. Regular eye checks can detect eye problems early due to certain diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Adults over 40 are advised to have their eyes checked once a year. It is useful in preventing age-related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts.

While children need to be checked, at least every two years, to detect vision problems that may affect their learning ability. Children do not need to read to do eye checks.

Also, know the history of eye health in the family. Why not? Because many diseases or genetic problems are inherited from parents to children. With a doctor’s eye check, various eye diseases and symptoms can be detected early. The treatment is certainly easier.

Eat nutritious food

Research shows that healthy foods containing various nutrients, such as vitamins A, C and E, zinc, lutein, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids, can help with age-related eye problems, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. A variety of nutrients can be found by eating green leafy vegetables, salmon, tuna, eggs, nuts, and oranges.

Don’t See Too Long Electronic Screen

Staring at the computer screen or smartphone for too long can cause eyes. Symptoms may include headaches, neck pain, shoulder and back pain, dry and tense eyes, difficulty in focusing on long distances, and blurred vision.

If you work at a computer all day, every 20 minutes turns your eyes 6 meters for 20 seconds, to reduce eye strain. Or you can also rest for 15 minutes every 2 hours. If your eyes feel dry, they often blink.

Wearing sunglasses

Not only does the skin have to be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, the eyes need to. Eyes that are too exposed to ultraviolet light can have cataracts, macular degeneration, burning cornea, and even eye cancer. Therefore, wear sunglasses that can block UVA and UVB rays, and wear hats during the day.

Do not smoke

Smoking can increase the risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and damage to the optic nerve which can lead to blindness and damage to the retina. Smoking can also cause plaque buildup in the bloodstream and weaken the arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Remove old makeup

In liquid eye creams or creams, bacteria can grow easily. Remove and replace your makeup after 3 months of use. Always remember not to borrow and lend your makeup to and from others. And make sure you wash your face thoroughly before and after applying makeup. If you have eye irritation or infection while wearing makeup, remove makeup and consult a doctor immediately.

Routine Sports

Research has shown that exercise can reduce the risk of vision loss due to high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

How to maintain eye health is also possible without ignoring various eye problems. If you feel sand in your eyes, rinse with clean water. If your eyes feel itchy or look red, treat them with drops or compresses.

Immediately consult an eye specialist if your eye complaint persists, or if your eyes are sore, swollen, sensitive to light, such as black spots that float when looking, or if you have vision problems.

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How to maintain ear health, easily

Some precise steps need to be done regularly in maintaining ear health. Anything?

Clean the ears properly

Anatomy of the ear consists of three main parts, namely the inside, middle, and outside. All of these parts have their functions so that you can hear well. When cleaning the ears, it’s good to clean the outside or just the auricle. The reason is, the ear can clean itself. The existence of fine hairs and its angular shape can keep the ear from entering excess dirt.

Avoid Cotton Bud

One habit that is often done is to clean the ears using a cotton bud. Unfortunately, this activity is not good to do. Because, cleaning the ears with a cotton bud can make ear wax pushed into the inside of the ear, thus making it deeper and deeper. Therefore, you only need to clean the ears only.

Avoid ears from loud noises

To maintain ear health, avoid ears from loud noises in the long run. Because, too long in a noisy environment can affect hearing, including making hearing reduced until it becomes deaf. If you are forced to be in a noisy environment, such as working in a factory, you are advised to wear ear protectors.

Avoid the use of earphones

Loud sounds not only come from the surrounding environment, but also on the use of earphones. Music listening activity on this hearing aid has become a trend, however, the use of earphones can cause interference with the ear. To stay safe, it’s a good idea to use earphones for no more than an hour. Do not forget to adjust the volume so that it is not too loud and hurt the ear.

Keep the ears dry

Excessive humidity in the ear can cause bacteria to enter the ear canal. This situation can unconsciously trigger infection and irritation of the ear. Therefore, always keep the ear so that the condition remains dry. If you like swimming, you should use earplugs to prevent water from getting into your ears.

Routinely see a doctor

In addition to checking the health of the body, you also need to regularly check ear health. The reason is, the older a person is, the more susceptible he is to hearing loss.

Healthy living room temperature

The best room temperature for your living room

maybe you are confused looking for reference articles about room temperature, here I will give a little experience about various room temperatures that I have felt while in Indonesia.

Sometimes you spend a lot of time in your living room wearing everyday clothes or pajamas to watch TV at night. Most people find ideal temperatures in living rooms between 19 and 22 degrees. Others believe that ‘the warmer is better’, of course, given that each level will also be seen on the bill. It’s best not to heat it to more than 20 or 21 degrees.

preheat your living room with a designer radiator. Not only are they powerful and efficient, they also add aesthetic value to your interior.

Your bathroom air conditioner optimally.

A cold bathroom is the worst nightmare for everyone. The ideal temperature during use is around 23 degrees, the best temperature is achieved by underfloor heating combined with a practical towel radiator.

The bedroom could be a bit cooler.

We went from the hottest room to the coolest room: the bedroom. You will actually enjoy the best night’s rest if the temperature is not higher than 20 degrees. Thermometers can even be as low as 15 or 16 degrees.

What if you are not home?

The ideal room temperature when you are not at home depends on how long you will be gone.

What is the Best and Healthy Room Temperature for Your Family?

During the day, while you are working and school children, heating must be rested, so that the temperature drops no more than a few degrees.

If you travel for several weeks and turn off heating completely, the temperature will drop dramatically. It can cause problems with moisture. During your absence, it is better to set the thermostat to a moderate temperature, such as 14 degrees.

So set the thermostat to a certain minimum temperature during your vacation. The day before you return, you can gradually increase the temperature of the room again with the help of a digital thermostat.

This article can help to comfort the temperature of the hotel, office or other public places.


(standard room temperature)

How to Maintain Heart Health Easily

The heart is an organ that works nonstop. The heart plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support survival. Therefore, it is appropriate for heart health to be maintained in order to avoid various diseases that can damage it.

Maintaining heart health can be done with a few simple steps, such as living a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns. Maybe you have also often heard doctors recommend routine exercise, maintain ideal body weight, and not smoke. This is because some of these steps are the most effective method for maintaining heart health.

How to Maintain Heart Health

Here are some lifestyle choices so that heart health is maintained:

1. Stop smoking.

Smokers have a much higher risk for coronary heart disease. Not only smokers themselves, people around them who inhale cigarette smoke (passive smokers) are also more at risk of developing the disease.

This is because toxic substances in cigarettes can damage the heart’s blood vessels, so that over time the blood flow to the heart becomes disturbed. As a result, heart function also becomes disrupted due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.

2. Doing physical activity (sports) regularly.

Being physically active or exercising regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. Take the time to exercise about 30 minutes every day, because the benefits are very good for heart health. These sport choices can be walking, jogging, swimming, or just going up and down stairs.

3. Eating fish.

eating foods that contain fatty acids like omega3 can help prevent heart disease. Fish is a food that contains lots of Omega-3 fatty acids.

You can choose fish, sardines, tuna or salmon. We recommend the consumption of this type of fish twice a week regularly to meet the needs of the body with omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Consume more fiber

A diet rich in fiber can reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) which can increase the risk of heart disease. Fiber can be obtained by consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and cereals. Fill your fiber needs as much as 3 grams per day.

It should be noted that consumption of fibrous foods must be done in stages. Better not to eat vegetables in large quantities at once, because it can cause flatulence. When consuming fiber, drink more water to facilitate digestion.

5. Reducing consumption of saturated fat.

Consuming too much saturated fat and trans fat can increase cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol that accumulates has the potential to clog heart arteries.
Therefore, limit consumption of saturated fat. This type of fat is found in red meat, chicken skin, processed foods, fried foods, margarine, and fat-rich dairy products.

6. Maintain blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause rupture of blood vessels. If this happens to the blood vessels of important organs, such as the heart and brain, it can be fatal.
Regular exercise, reducing salt intake, and limiting alcoholic drinks are some of the ways you can prevent high blood pressure.

7. Maintain blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels can not only make you exposed to polygenic disease, but also put you at risk for heart disease. This is because high blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control the heart and blood vessels.

Some efforts to reduce the risk of polygenic disease are replacing white rice with brown rice, and reducing sugar intake. In addition, check your blood sugar levels regularly, especially if you are above 40 years old.

8. Get enough rest.

Try to sleep for 7-8 hours every day. Lack of rest can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Maintaining heart health can be started by getting used to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the steps above, you are also advised to manage stress and check your health regularly to the doctor so that your heart health is maintained.
Hopefully this article is useful for maintaining our health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most effective and beneficial way for the health of our bodies, thank you